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Here is Mother surveying the new site. Why is this woman smiling? Because she's looking at the next picture.

Here's our new innyard, kiddies. This shot, taken from about where Mother is standing in the first pic and where the Green Man will stand, looks out on the firepit and the yard beyond. Our yard stretches out to that fine trio of oak trunks to the left, continues right to the somewhat less boldly backlit trio of trunks, and goes on...

Here's another shot of the yard. We extend to the partially-lit tree just right of center. Lots of sunlight in these shots, but in the morning and afternoon it's shaded.

Looking from the top of the rise at the entrance toward what will be the front of Faire, in the general direction of the little white flagpole. Vast forest extends beyond.

The exit road, driving out. The hills of the San Marco Pass beyond. They are actually green; this was outdoor film and the color values didn't take kindly to an interior shot, even if it was only from a car.

Mother and the Sign. Check out those hills of Paradise glimpsed beyond. Puts one in mind of Agoura, 1967 or so...

Agoura: a commemorative parade with Billy (Jack O'the Green) in the lead. We're the first pair of banner bearers!

The Innyard in Novato, with our own Lord of Misrule - Tom Westlake - and a couple of friends. The one not on his head is Joseph Derry, the famous magician.

The Twin Show! Twins lounge in the background; in the foreground are the maidens du jour, Stacey Weinberger and Kira Baumgarten.

A rare photo of all 3 surviving founding members of St. Albans (Kimberly Bartholomew, Kathleen (Mother) and Kage Baker). With a couple of attractive friends ...

More photos will follow. Anyone with favourites, feel free to submit them.

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